Why Should a Teacher Use an Online Workspace?

 If you're a teacher, there's a strong probability that using an online workspace tool like Dojoit might be beneficial to you.

A web-based program that allows users to share and collaborate on work with others via a network is known as an online workplace. Because of the recent pandemic, online whiteboards have become increasingly popular in collaborative teaching. Workspaces raise the bar on collaboration and participation.

So, what are the advantages of using an online whiteboard in the classroom? Continue reading for more helpful hints.

Online Whiteboard for education[/caption]

Students should work together more.

Students, teachers, and other instructors can collaborate online using online workspaces. Users can create and alter items such as drawings, text, lists, photos, and videos using collaboration software like Dojoit.

Studying is no longer restricted to schools and classrooms. If they can't study during school hours, most pupils study at home on laptops or other computers (which is why we see more A grades than ever before).

Online workspaces have made it simple for professors and students – even those from different schools or countries – to collaborate on coursework.

Create and share course materials quickly and easily.

An online workspace is a useful tool for developing instructional content since it can supply high-quality digital assets (such as images or drawings) and appropriately plan classes so that the learning process runs smoothly.

An online workstation can also be utilized for information exchange. You can use online whiteboard software to make presentations and share them with others.

You won't have to bother about printouts or lugging along enormous amounts of information because presentations are made online. As a result, your students will be able to use these digital materials from anywhere on the planet.

Keep everything in order and tidy.

Everything is readily kept and arranged within Dojoit many workplaces. This makes it simple to arrange all of your stuff.

With real-time updating, you'll have access to over 55,000+ pages to collaborate on, allowing you and your students to complete work in an interesting and productive manner while keeping everything structured in a way that suits you and your students.

Demonstrate how online collaboration works for students.

Some students may be unfamiliar with online whiteboards, so if you want your pupils to become accustomed to online collaboration, an online whiteboard might help with the transition from traditional teaching methods.

Online whiteboards can assist you in teaching your students how to accomplish collaborative work quickly by utilizing shared resources, such as lesson planning or student presentations. Students' engagement in the learning process has also been shown to improve with the use of online whiteboards.

It's Ideal for Taking Visual Notes

Online whiteboards can be a terrific tool for your pupils to take visual notes. They enable anyone, including teachers, to construct a wide range of drawing tools that you and your students could use in class as visualization aids or simply for fun. They can also have films and audio recordings integrated in them.

Dojoit is available for free.

Did you know that Dojoit is free for educational purposes? That's correct! We give you free access to Dojoit as a teacher or student.

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